Critical in maintaining your customer, a retail setting should be created as an effortless experience. From floor to ceiling, the flow of product is essential in not only captivating, but bringing the ease of movement to your audience. Displayit has partnered with globally known retailers in a variety of industries conceptualizing and manufacturing their ideal retail spaces. From shop-in-shop sections to stand alone flag ship stores, Displayit is capable of helping you visualize, realize, and evolve the finest retail experience for your customer.

Retail Store


Reyn Spooner is the premier brand of Hawaiian shirts, and their classic design is the standard for Luau wear. The ambiance is simple and clean in the Reyn Spooner retail store located at Ala Moana in Honolulu, HI. They wanted their shirts to be seen easily and clearly, as well as have a selection for easy purchase. We accomplished this in our design by providing a mostly white backdrop for the patterned shirts to stand out against. Large, simple tables sit on the retail floor to present a selection of board shorts, also on a white backdrop.

Goleta, CA
Retail Store


The Deckers HQ retail store in Goleta, CA is located on the Deckers campus. The retail store design is clean, the fixtures are unique and the overall execution of the store is stunning. Deckers has quite a few really cool brands under it’s umbrella such as Ugg, Teva, Sanuk, Mozo, Ahnu, Tsubo and Hoka One One. Each one of these brands has been given an ample amount of space to live in and custom fixtures to sit upon. The store is open not just for the employees of Deckers, but also to the general public.

Retail Store


Catch Surf’s store located in Laguna Beach is the brands first retail location. Channeling beach vibes with worn, whitewashed wood the store is a simple backdrop for the brand’s colorful product.  Traditional design details and simple lines contrast with the textured block wall for a playful, modern aesthetic. The board wall features custom dividers and displays in order to maintain organization and pristine product condition.

Retail Store


Men’s apparel brand, TravisMathew has created a line of men’s wear that has a perfect mix of sophistication and cool comfort. We were ecstatic at the opportunity to help them launch their first retail store at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA. The TravisMathew team managed the design and build for the retail store interior in coordination with our team. The design we presented fit the brand to a tee. The retail store is sleek and modern with display fixtures that complement the merchandising techniques desired by Travis Mathew.

Santa Ana, CA
Retail Store


Ketchum Health’s project required a unique design approach to address both the medical and retail needs of this space. We designed custom desks to optimize functionality and flow on the floor. Eyewear is easily shopable with bright backlighting to clearly show off each shape. Breaks between sections are prime feature space to show off specialty products. The inclusion of mirrors was important in the design process to ensure the client was able to try on eyewear effortlessly.

Downtown Disney, CA
Retail Store

The Curl

When you are creating a retail experience in a place as imaginative as Disney Way, it takes a special kind of expertise to provide a design on par with the expectations of Disney. Luckily for The Curl, we had already built a few amazing spaces for them so they were used to challenging our team to be unique.

The results need no more primer – see our Mediterranean inspired beachy dream to the left!

Retail Store


Hurley was looking to refresh their retail identity. They wanted to bring a more authentic and industrial feel to their fixtures. The Hurley team was set on using reclaimed wood, raw hot rolled steel and a heavy influence from pieces pulled straight from the factory floor.  Displayit Inc. was mindful of creating a fixture family which was also efficient and durable. We made the fixtures light weight, easy to ship and assemble on the shop floor, while utilizing their preferred materials.

Retail Store

Salt Life

The Salt Life retail store in Huntington Beach, California is a must visit for any surfer, diver, or fisher. Rope partitions, oxygen tank tables and fishing spear racks are just a few of the small details that speak to the brand lifestyle. The store’s larger pieces tie the small details together with beachy finishes. Rusted corrugated metal, sandy sea glass countertops, whitewashed wood and natural wood posts help create the aquatic active atmosphere that Salt Life is known for.

Mill Valley, CA
Retail Store

Roark Proof Lab

The Proof Lab is an epic surf supply store that hosts epic brands like Roark. We are a long time supporter of Roark and were only happy to help create their beautiful installation at Proof Lab.

Using hot rolled steel, stained cedar, curated knick-knacks and live succulent plants, the Roark section shines among the best.

Huntington Beach, CA
Retail Store

Jacks HB

What was once a juice bar is now a beautifully modern extension of the Jacks Huntington Beach store. With custom designed LED and glass cases at entry, to an obelisk-inspired Nixon watch tower, Jack’s allowed Displayit to flex their design talents to the brink.

Larger sections of the store at rear showcase a whitewashed, beach vibe with hanging sea glass orb lights and textured MDF panels.

At the front, large sunglass displays of hot rolled steel and concrete showcase amazing product.

Retail Store


Nixon is a local brand based in Encinitas and a strong, established partner of Displayit Inc’s. The Nixon space at the new Sun Diego store was to be located at the front of the store with great visibility to customers from outside. The challenge was to grab customers’ attention before they walked through the Nixon section, deeper into the store. Our designers took advantage of the large front window by including a hanging feature display that was viewable from the front of the store and shoppable from the back.

Santa Monica, CA
Retail Store

Quiksilver Watermans

Quiksilver came to us in search of a retail store design dedicated to their Waterman Collection. This aquatic active collection is displayed against a backdrop of primarily white and wood tones, with strong attention to detail and character. Pipe shelving, painted paneling and distressed rugs tie this space to the brand’s aesthetic goals: active, modern, comfortable and casual. The design is catered to the Waterman collection with details like anchor and surf board décor, beach shack changing rooms, and rope features.

Retail Store


Acting on the cutting edge of medical cannabis, Orange County Cannabis Club established their dispensary in 2015 in Santa Ana, California. The brand’s goal was to create an upscale and inviting facility for a unique customer experience, while providing safe, clean and legal access to medical cannabis. Simple well-lit display fixtures feature the brand unique products for ease of selection. Black stained wood on the displays and the wall ties a modern aesthetic with a traditional material, symbolic of the renewed luxury of medical cannabis in conjunction with traditional homeopathic medicine.

Irvine, CA
Retail Store

Jacks Irvine

Being born of the surf and action sport industry allows Displayit to fully understand Jack’s Surfboards clientele and design needs for a retail store. A unique mix of Plyboo and 3Form brings the beach to Irvine, and LED lighting throughout showcases each brands product offering.

Polished floors and a concrete and glass shoe wall bring the street side of things in.

From the very start as an empty space, Displayit designed and built Jacks Irvine to suit.

Fashion Valley, CA
Retail Store

Sun Deigo FV

Bold. Iconic. Coastal. Sun Diego Boardshops are both design and paradise. Displayit worked with a red cedar, dark tones, and concrete to develop both the interior space and striking exterior façade for Sun Diego’s store in Fashion Valley.

Touches of design – hanging lighting in the entrance and surfboards in recessed shadowboxes make Sun Diego the place to be!

Fashion Valley, CA
Retail Store

Sun Diego FV, Vol. 2

We couldn’t not show you our favorite pieces of Sun Diego – the Wave Wall & Nixon Shop in Shop.

Both demanding their own levels of design and engineering, and both leaving the customer speechless.

We developed the wave wall to integrate the shoe section and carry through to other sections of the store, unifying the space.

Sun Diego invited Nixon to develop a shop in shop experience, and Displayit was only too happy to help.

Showing Nixon’s palette of stark whites, powerful black and concrete – Nixon’s product is elevated and separated within Sun Diego’s amazing space.