Leaving your footprint on a piece of retail space is a critical moment for any brand. Owning this piece of real estate through the creation of a fixture, means you have already sold your product to a store of potential buyers. Displayit has created an array of custom fixtures including: 2 Ways, 4 Ways, Gondolas, Nesting Tables, Cash Wraps, Shoe Shelves, and Sandal Racks, allowing clients to maximize visual impact of product being displayed. Designed with updatable surfaces and the strategic placement of impact graphics, these custom fixtures allow for a long life of value.

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Electric Visual

Working with Electric Visual on their eyewear cases has enabled us to grow right along with them. We’ve helped them go through a brand refresh and have evolved their fixture offerings to a whole new level. The current eyewear cases are modeled after high end museum cases with an edge of industrial.

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Sprint End Cap

Sprint approached Displayit’s Design team with a challenge: Create an interactive, show-stopping branding piece to advertise their new campaign. Using a tech-forward mix of lit-edge acrylics, LED lighting and integrated technology, our design team created an unforgettable piece.



Nixon is a local brand based in Encinitas and a strong, established partner of Displayit Inc’s. The Nixon space at the new Sun Diego store was to be located at the front of the store with great visibility to customers from outside. The challenge was to grab customers’ attention before they walked through the Nixon section, deeper into the store. Our designers took advantage of the large front window by including a hanging feature display that was viewable from the front of the store and shoppable from the back.

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Hurley was looking to refresh their retail identity. They wanted to bring a more authentic and industrial feel to their fixtures. The Hurley team was set on using reclaimed wood, raw hot rolled steel and a heavy influence from pieces pulled straight from the factory floor.  Displayit Inc. was mindful of creating a fixture family which was also efficient and durable. We made the fixtures light weight, easy to ship and assemble on the shop floor, while utilizing their preferred materials.



The DC fixtures each stand on their own quite well, but also form a nice fixture family for a store that allows the brand to have more real estate. We were able to use our laser machine capabilities to etch out a repeating DC logo pattern on part of the wood inserts, that form the structure of each fixture. Using mainly a black and white color scheme allowed the DC product to shine in its branded environment.